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There are typically only three possibilities you hear discussed in the world of hair removal: shaving, waxing, and lasers. But we’re here to tell you that there’s another device for hair removal that has been ignored. Form in an epilator.

Let us clarify, in case you’re not familiar. Typically, an epilator is a spinning wheel with several tweezers (we found one with 72!) pulling your hair out of the root as you pass it over your skin. We know what you are saying, but epilating has some important advantages, including longer-lasting outcomes (usually you only have to use one every 2-3 weeks) and zero salon visits.

“There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to epilators,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD FAAD, a dermatologist based in New York. “You need to have a secure and ergonomic grip to allow quick access to hair that may be in places that are hard to reach.” In addition, she says the design should allow for a smooth movement along the skin while gripping hair effectively.

From face to bikini, here are the best epilators for every area.


Best Overall: Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-890 Epilator

Not much that this epilator can’t do is there. Wet or dry, this cordless epilator can be used and has a wide head to help get more hair with each stroke. There’s also a red light sensor that warns you to make sure you’re using it in the most appropriate way if you’re pressing too hard. This happens to be the pick of Dr. Nazarian as well.

Bonus: You can also save space in your bathroom thanks to this gadget because it has a few interchangeable heads including a razor and trimmer.


Best Budget: Braun Silk-Epil 3 3-270 Epilator

If you’re trying out an epilator for the first time, this is a good place to start. Not only is it a great price, but it also comes with three extra heads: A trimmer, razor, and massage roller to help ease the pain. You’ll also love that there’s a little flashlight on the end that lights your way for a more precise epilating experience every time. The petite size also allows it to fit easily in your palm for a more comfortable glide.

Whether you’re usually on the go and don’t have an outlet handy or you just prefer a device that looks a little more approachable, this classic non-electric epilator could be your best bet. Made to grab the tiny hairs on your face, you simply bend the epilator into an upside-down “u” and twist the ends to make it roll up your hair.

It has a similar effect to that of threading, without the hassle of a salon visit. The stainless steel is not only less irritable to the skin, but it’s also recyclable and can easily be sanitized. Keep this one in your purse so you can pull it out whenever you find that perfect light.



Best for Legs: Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 Epilator

This epilator helps you to cover more surface area on your legs with every swipe, thanks to the wider head. The vibrations also help ease the operation, while the rechargeable battery allows you to take it while you move in the tub, during a bath, whenever it is most convenient. Seven additional heads are also included, plus a separate facial cleaning brush, which we sell.


Best for Sensitive Skin: Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-280 Epilator

Although using an epilator is normally not a pleasant process for anyone, if you have sensitive skin, it’s particularly teeth clenching. Give this epilator a try if that is you. The massage head helps take your mind off the tweezers doing their job, and after you’re done, the included cooling mitt is just what you’ll want. For areas that may be too fragile to epilate, there is also a shaver handle.The device is also completely waterproof so if you find it’s more comfortable to use it while under running water you totally can.