Braun Silk Epil 5

Your conveniences during epilation is our priority. There is no excuse in achieving the look that you desire. And, you’re even closer with the use of this Braun Silk Epil 5.

The accessories and the futuristic on it enable you to be closed faster than you ever thought. All you have to do is to be persistent with its use. It comes with a corded epilator and a massager.

Howbeit, the selling point of this model is the 40 tweezers it has on it. And, you know that the bigger the number of the tweezers, the better its performances.

The unit is a handy one and one which cord is detachable. The battery is not removable, but it’s one that you can comfortably save. And guess what? You can use this in homes and offices.

Although this is primarily for women, yet it’s a product that male genders can use also. And, that’s because the epilator tweezes both thick and fine-thin hairs flawlessly.

You can use this, not only for your face, almost for every part of your body. This is an indispensable tool. It would be of immense aid to anyone in the maintenance of the body. Check for more information below:

Braun Silk Epil 5 Review: 5 Major Features

1. 40 Tweezers Braun Silk Epil

The tweezers on this are made of steel, though the casing of the unit itself is plastic. The forty tweezers make the unit more versatile than other models.

You can use this to remove hair from any part of your body except for the head. And, the full head enhances users’ efficiency and speed. Howbeit, the tweezers aren’t susceptible to rust at all. They are ones that you can wash.

Notwithstanding, potential buyers are expected not to use this on a wet part of their bodies. The tweezers don’t screech when one is using them, and neither do they become hot quickly.

2. Designs and Accessories

The epilator head is pretty removable. However, the dimension of the whole accessory that comes with this is 2.6″ x 7.1″ x 7.8″ inches, and it weighs 1.39 pounds.

The whole components come in a package. The attachable cord on it is 7ft long. And it’s very detachable. It doesn’t come with an adapter, but you can use one of 12V for it.

The accessories that come with the delivery are a shaving attachment, trimming cap, efficiency cap, and a cooling glove. Meanwhile, there are functions on it that make its use explicit.

You can use the functions distinctively. The color of this tool is white and red. Notwithstanding, it looks lovely.

3. Usability

Although the epilator comes fully assembled, yet you can disassemble them. Of course, the disassembling can be done intuitively.

Besides, there are functions on it that you can use for changing the attachments. And, regardless of the one you’re using at a point in time, there is a pivoting head on it that make it usable on contours.

Couple with the fact that it has an indicator, you’d be able to use this meticulously. It has 2-speed options that you can use to determine its efficiency. In fact, the epilator catches hairs though the vents. It even makes its use eccentric.

As a matter of fact, you can clean it whenever you’re done using it. That makes it durable.

4. Massage Rollers Braun Silk Epil 5

The massage roller is one of the selling points of the product. It works uninterruptedly with the constant provision of high frequency. This performance aids in the stimulation of the skin.

It moves rotation ally in a way that it eases the nerves and make the application of serums on skin to be remarkable. Also, there is a cooling gloves that come with this.

The accessories complement one another in one way or the other. Furthermore, the functionalities are the same regardless of the attachment you’re using.

5. SoftClip Mechanism

It’s this that enables free maneuvering of the unit. You can flexibly use the tweezers with the use of this add-on. It also enhances the ease of change in the use of the accessories.

It’s an addition that anyone can master its use. Notwithstanding, it has an ergonomic shape. Indeed, this would provide you better comfort anytime.

Buying Guide – How to Buy Braun Silk Epil 5?

 Braun Silk Epil 5

1. Why Epilation?

It’s an epilator that’s for women only. But, first off, ask yourself this rhetorical question: why epilation? Epilation could be prompted by medical regimen.

At times, it could be by self-awareness. The need would be the right fuel to making good decision on accessories.

For example, for medical prescription, you’ll need a massage roller for the apt application of serums. In a nutshell, it’s expedient that one understand the futuristic of a product before purchasing it.

2. Make a Budget

Epilation could be at different prices. Cordless unit are fond more costly than corded. So, choose the type that would be affordable and convenient for you at the same time.

3. Choose on Merit

Don’t opt for a product irrationally. However, opt for one that has the full futuristic that you want and is reliable. And guess what? All Braun products are authentic because they have been in the industry for a long time.

4. Make an Order

Once all are achieved, we urge you to make the right purchase. Use the link that we provide you to make the right choice. It would aid you to be on a safer side.

5. Final Check

And, once it’s delivered, we urge you to check the delivered product so that you can lay complaint on time. This product here is one that you’d love to use with ease.

Product Benefits
  • This uses an attachable cord that works on power outlets of 110V.
  • This comes with a pair of cooling gloves, a pouch, a brush, and three caps.
  • It has 40 tweezers on it.
  • The soft clip enables users to use the unit with ease.
  • Women can use this with ease.
  • The unit has an angular ergonomic
  • It’s not pricey, but highly functional.
The Negative Things
  •       It could be a little bit noisy.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would this hurt my skin?

Answer: It shouldn’t if you use it meticulously. Always take note of the smart indicator.

2. Does it come with the charger?

Answer: Yes, it does.

3. Should I use this in my bathtub?

Answer: No, you shouldn’t.

4. I have another epilator that’s made by another brand. I don’t know the one to use often.

Answer: That depends on your decision. Thanks.

5. Does this come with a warranty?

Answer: You might need to consider the manufacturer for information on this.

Final Verdict

We advise you to opt for this product of immense value. This product is one of the ones that you’d be glad that’s less costly and functional.

You have nothing to worry about with the purchase of this product. Adhere to the tips we’ve provided so that you can have a great transaction.