Emjoi Tweeze Hair Epilator

We decided to do this Emjoi Tweeze Hair Epilator review because the product is one of the most popular epilators in the market. We tested it to be sure of its qualities. So, we decided to write a good review on it.

We assure you that everything we write about this product is true to the best of our knowledge.  First of all, we discussed five of its best features in details.

We also gave a buying guide for people who may want to buy the product immediately or in the future. Also, we included the benefits of the product in detail. To balance the review, we also listed out three cons of the epilator.

Remember, having a shortcoming does not make a product a bad one. Every great product has a couple of cons. What makes the difference is that good devices have much more benefits than cons.

Emjoi Tweeze Hair Epilator Review: 5 Major Features

1. Fast TweezersTweeze Hair Epilator

The tweezers of this device are very fast. That is why they cut unwanted hair faster. The tweezers open and close up to 180 times in a single second. You can imagine the speed.

The hair remover has six tweezers in all. The tweezers get to the root of the hair. While many epilators find it difficult to cut hair strands that are short, this one can handle them easily.

2. Lightweight

This epilator weighs only 3.2 oz. That is light enough for us. With that weight, you can easily move it around. Secondly, it will be easier to use it for several minutes.

You won’t feel any strain on your hand. Whenever you are buying a hand-held epilator, always consider its lightness. Don’t buy any epilator that weighs more than 5 oz.

3. High Amazon Rating

If you have been buying things on Amazon, you will understand the importance of product rating on Amazon. People who have bought a particular product will rate it based on its performance.

The average rating is presented on the platform to guide potential buyers of the product. By virtue of our experience, we know that good products usually have a rating of at least 3 stars.

Since this device has a current Amazon rating of 3.5 stars, it is a good product that offers real value for money. In other words, its high rating on Amazon is another reason to consider this hair removal device.

4. eRase Glide TechnologyTweeze Hair Epilator

This technology makes the hair removal device glide smoothly over your skin back and forth without scratching your skin or pulling it. This is the most important factor in determining an epilator.

No matter how effective any hair remover is, once it scratches the skin, people will avoid it completely.

It takes several days for scratches to dry up.  Here is a device that does not scratch or pull the skin. So, we will advise you to go for it.

5. Safety Feature

The device has one safety feature that we like so much. We saw the feature in its user manual, but we didn’t believe it.

So, we also tested it. We found it to be true. When you press it too hard on your skin, to prevent cuts and scratches, the device will go off automatically.

We later found out that another Emjoi epilator has the same feature. So, we concluded that all Emjoi epilators have the feature. This is another reason why we recommend the device.

Buying Guide – How to buy Emjoi Tweeze Hair Epilator?

Hair Epilator

Whenever you decide to buy this epilator, here are a few things to consider.

1. Buy from a reputable site

We are sure that the product is a good one and you’ll enjoy it. However, some stores repackage returned or damaged products. So, it is better to buy it from a trusted store to avoid that.

2. Ask for a return window

The fact that we like the device is not a guarantee that everyone will like it. So, you need to ask for a return window or buy it on Amazon that offers a 30-day return window. So, if you don’t like it or you find it to be defective, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

3. Check customer reviews

Although we recommend the device, we feel that it is also necessary for you to check customer reviews on it. The more reviews you check, the more information you’ll gather about the product.

4. Compare prices

Don’t just buy from the first store you come across. The device is popular. It is sold in several stores, probably at different prices. So, you need to compare prices before you settle for the best.

5. Check the name properly

Emjoi has several models of epilators, and they have the same features, so it is possible for you to take one model for another. To avoid that, you should take the time to study the name of your preferred model.

Product Benefits
  • The device weighs only 3.2 oz.
  • It has a current Amazon rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.
  • It glides over the skin back and forth smoothly.
  • The hair removal device is very portable.
  • At $19.95, the product is quite affordable.
  • It shuts down when you press it too hard on your skin, to prevent cuts and scratches.
  • The epilator does not scratch or pull the skin.
  • The tweezers open and close up to 180 times in a second. So the device cuts hair fast.
  • Since it is battery-operated, you can use it at home and elsewhere.
  • It removes every strand of hair from its root.
The Negative Things
  • The epilator does not come with any warranty.
  • Its batteries are not included in the pack.
  • The batteries are not rechargeable, so you will spend a lot of money on batteries over a long time.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does the device have a warranty?

Answer: No. It does not come with any warranty.

Question 2:  How is it powered?

Answer: It runs on batteries.

Question 3: Where is the epilator sold?

Answer: It is sold on Amazon.

Question 4: Are its batteries rechargeable?

Answer: No. They are two AAA batteries.

Question 5: Are the batteries included in its pack?

Answer: No.

Final Verdict

After going through the Emjoi Tweeze Hair Epilator review, you will agree that the device is a good one. Its Amazon rating of 3.5 stars already confirms that.

Although it has a couple of shortcomings, its benefits are much more than the cons. Hence, we recommend the epilator to you and other potential buyers.