How to Use an Epilator on Underarms

If there’s a part of the body where people don’t like to have any strand of hair, it is the underarms. Both men and women do not like to have any hair on their underarms. First off, having a thick bunch of hairs in your underarms can be unsightly whenever you raise your arm.

Also, many people feel it is cool and sexy to have your underarms completely free of hair. In fact, bushy underarms can be a major turnoff for your admirers. So, we think it is necessary to remove the hair on your underarms regularly.

Whenever we introduce the use of an epilator to people, they always want to know why they should consider it ahead of waxing, the method they have been using.

So, we will first discuss the advantages of using an epilator before we give you tips on how to use an epilator on underarms.

Advantages of Using an Epilator

For those that want to know why we prefer the use of an epilator to waxing, here are some good reasons.

1. The result lasts longer

Shaving cuts your hair at the surface of your skin. Epilating plucks your hair from its very root. You can liken it to weeds. Which one will grow back faster? Is it the weed that was cut from the surface or the one that was uprooted? The former will always grow faster.

When you shave your hair, it starts growing after a couple of days, but when you use an epilator, it will take up to 3 weeks before your hair starts growing again.

2. It is pretty fast

Epilators come with about 20 to 40 tweezers, and that means they can pluck out at least 20 strands of hair in a single pass. That is why they are faster than tweezing by hand.

Once you get used to epilating, you’ll never want to adopt any other non-surgical technique to remove your hair anymore.

3. It is less painful

Epilating is less painful than waxing. We are not saying that epilating is not painful at all. It also comes with minimal pain, but its pain is a mere tickle compared to the pain associated with waxing.

Also, your hair has to grow up to a quarter-inch before you’re eligible for a waxing session. In addition, it has also been observed that when you epilate, not all your hair will grow back. The amount of hair gradually reduces with each epilating session.

4. Using an epilator is relatively cheaper

In the long run, buying an epilator will be more cost-effective than visiting a salon or spa center for waxing sessions. The cost of a session may be lower than the cost of an epilator, but after several sessions, the total cost will be higher than the cost of an epilator.

More so, we will advise you to buy an epilator with a rechargeable battery so you won’t need to keep buying batteries. Now that we have outlined the reasons why epilating is better than shaving and waxing let’s now give you the necessary tips on epilating your underarms.

Epilating tips for underarm

1. Exfoliate your underarms mildly

It is better to remove dead skin and keep your skin clean and relaxed before epilating it. You can only do that by exfoliating your skin mildly. The skin in this part of your body is more sensitive and more delicate than other parts of the body. So, you only need mild scrubs.

2. Take a warm shower

A warm shower will open the pores on your skin, and when your pores are open, it is easier for your hair to be removed. So, taking a warm shower reduces the pain that may come with epilation.

3. Dry your underarms

After the shower, you need to dry your underarms properly. Drying it will make your epilator’s tweezers grasp your hair firmly. You can dry it with a towel, or you can apply powder. Both of them are acceptable.

4. Power your epilator on

The next step is to power your epilator on and select the lowest speed setting if your hair removal tool has multiple speed settings. We know that some epilators have only one speed. If that is your type of epilator, you don’t have to bother about any setting.

5. Raise your arm

Raise the arm you want to epilate first. By raising your arm, you will make the skin in your underarm taut and firm. That way, your epilator will be able to pull out your hair more easily and more painlessly. All you have to do is to raise the arm well.

It is necessary to do it in front of a mirror so that you can have a better view of your underarm as you epilate it. We will also advise you to do it later in the evening when you will no longer go out.

It is possible for some bumps to appear on the skin. The skin may also become temporarily red. Both conditions usually resolve within a few hours. So, by the time you wake up in the morning, they’ll be gone.

6. Bend your epilator

You need to bend your epilator so that it comes in contact with your skin at an angle of about 90 degrees. This will help your epilator to get to the root of your hair. Don’t press your epilator too hard on your skin.

Your skin might get caught in the tweezers, or your epilator may go off if it is one of the epilators that have a safety cut-off feature. You need to make several passes before your underarm is free of hair.

7. Rinse the underarm

When you’re through, you need to wash your underarms to remove all loose hair left. After that, don’t forget to use a moisturizer to prevent irritations.

Final Verdict

If you have been following from the beginning, you would have learned some benefits of using an epilator, and you would have also learned how to use an epilator on underarms.

We will also like to remind you to clean your epilator after every use. Brush off the hair and disinfect it by wiping its head with alcohol. This will prevent infection and also extend the lifespan of your epilator.