How to Use an Epilator on Your Legs

The leg is the most difficult part of the body to epilate because its hair is scattered all over it. Also, the hair on the leg grows very fast. So, many women find themselves shaving the hair on their legs more often than other areas.

This article discusses the necessary tips you should apply while epilating your legs. To get the best results, you need to get it right. So, go through this article to know exactly how to use an epilator on your legs. Let’s get down to business right away.

Here Are the Necessary Tips

1. Exfoliate your legs

The first thing to do is to exfoliate your legs shortly before you use an epilator on them. You need to remove the dead skin on your legs as it hinders the performance of an epilator.

Dead skin also harbors ingrown hairs, which are difficult for epilators to remove. Exfoliation also makes the skin clean and relaxed.

There are two major types of exfoliation – physical and chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation requires the use of enzymes or acids, while physical exfoliation requires only physical scrubbing with an abrasive substance. To epilate your legs, you only need physical exfoliation.

2. Power your epilator on

After exfoliating your legs, you should be ready to epilate them. So, power your epilator on and get set.

3. Select the slower speed

Many epilators come with two or more speeds. If you are epilating your legs for the first time, you should begin with the lowest speed. Your skin may react to higher speeds.

You can gradually increase the speed if you are not satisfied with the lower one. After using the epilator to remove the hair on your legs several times, you’ll know the particular speed that suits you most. You can then stick to it.

4. Bend the epilator

Bend your epilator and make it perpendicular to your skin. Let it meet your leg at an angle of 90 degrees. That is how it can get to the root of the hair on them. Move it over your legs first in a straight motion.

After that, move it around in a circular motion. Move it gently from top to bottom. Take note of all the areas you have reached. Ensure you touch every part of the first leg before you start with the second leg.

When you are through with the first leg, you need to run your fingers through it to be sure that you didn’t miss out any area. When you’re satisfied with the first leg, you can start epilating the second leg the same way.

5. Don’t press too hard

A lot of people erroneously believe that pressing the epilator hard on their skin will increase its efficiency. This is very far from the truth. Pressing hard does not make it more effective. Rather, it reduces its efficiency.

You could also break your epilator when you keep applying too much pressure on it. Some epilators are designed to go off automatically when you press them too hard. Just hold it lightly and let it move over your skin at 90-degrees. You’ll get the best result that way.

6. Moisturize your skin

Remember, you exfoliated your skin before epilating. We also need to call your attention to the fact that exfoliation dries the skin.

Dry skin usually attracts all kinds of irritations. So, we will advise you to moisturize your legs after epilating them. Moisturizing them will keep irritations at bay.

7. Repeat the steps after two weeks

Although different people have different rates of hair growth, the hair on most people’s legs begins to grow after about 10 to 14 days. So, we’ll advise you to epilate your legs every two weeks if you want to have smooth, hairless legs continuously.

How to Take Care of Your Epilator

You must always clean your epilator after every use to prevent infections and to make it last longer. We have outlined the few steps involved in cleaning your epilator.

Dissemble your epilator: Pull your epilator apart so that you can properly clean every component, especially the head.

Brush of the hair: After pulling your epilator apart, you need to brush off every component. Remove every strand of hair left in the epilator. Pay special attention to the tweezer roller.

Make sure the location where you are doing the cleaning is devoid of breeze. If not, breeze will blow the hair you’re trying to brush off. We advise you do it over the sink, so you can easily rinse the hair away.

Run it underwater:  This is only allowed if your epilator is waterproof. Run every part of it underwater. You could also soak its head inside a bowl of soapy water. Soak it for about 5 minutes to allow water to get into it.

Once again, if your epilator is not waterproof, don’t try this. Wipe it with alcohol: Cleaning a tool is different from disinfecting it. Your epilator may be clean but not sterile. To disinfect it, you need to rub it with alcohol.

Soak a piece of cotton in rubbing alcohol. Use alcohol to clean every part of it. The main purpose of rubbing your epilator with alcohol is to disinfect it.

Final Verdict

After that, you can leave it to dry up. Then, you can get it set for another epilating session before you keep it. One question that people ask is that is it safe to share your epilator with someone else? The straight answer is no! It is not hygienic to share an epilator with anyone.

No matter how clean it is, the tool already has your dead skin cells, your blood, and your hair. So, we don’t advise anyone to share his or her epilator even with their best friend.

Fortunately, the device is quite cheap enough for everyone to get theirs. Now, you have learned how to use an epilator on your legs. You must bear in mind that you will still encounter minimal pain even though it is not as painful as waxing your legs.

Also, remember to exfoliate your skin before epilating it. Most importantly, don’t forget to moisturize your skin, clean, and sanitize your epilator after every epilation session.