The cleaning of the body is paramount. It makes you feel refreshed and re-energized always. But, the part of the body that you’d want to focus on when cleaning is the uncovered part of the body.

Indeed, that’s why you’d want to consider epilating strayed hair from the face and probably the application of pedicure and manicure. Right? Of course, that’s correct.

However, using an epilator can be so painful. Except you are either a sharp pain tolerant or good at using epilators appropriately. And guess what? Anyone can become an expert even on the very first attempt by merely learning how to use Epilator without pain.

Howbeit, you have to understand that epilators are safer than the use of wax. You can even regulate pains with epilators than wax. Notwithstanding, the kind of epilator you purchase matters.

They are for either dry skins or wet skins. At times, a product could be used for both. We, therefore, advise you to avoid using the corded epilator on wet surfaces – it could be dangerous.

Cordless epilators, on the other hand, are safer to use on wet and dry skin. Also, you might need to check the extent you can use a prospective product before you purchase it so that you won’t end up abusing it.

Once all those are done, you can check for more information below:

How to Use Epilator without Pain – 8 Tips:

1. Exfoliation

  • This is the removal of dirt from the top layer of the pores.
  • You are to do this 2-3 days before you epilate your skin.
  • Some brushes are best for exfoliation, and you can get the right cosmetic, too.
  • Make sure that you use warm water to wash your face before you begin so that the skin would remain succulent.
  • Provided you’re using soap with the exfoliating brush; you are expected to use warm water before and after the exfoliation.
  • Moreover, this shouldn’t prevent you from bathing. The essence is to keep your facial skin perpetually free from dirt.

2. Bathing

Indeed, you’re expected to take your bath often with warm water, especially if you’ll be shaving before epilating. But please note that exfoliation is basically for face treatments.

Apart from that, you can always use the warm water to bath so the shaving and the trimming can be smooth, too. The consequence of taking proper cleaning, seriously, is that your hairs tend to become softer and erected.

And, if you use an epilator with a flat base, skidding from one section would be so easy. As a matter of fact, the hairs won’t be intertwined. You will be able to decipher the strayed strands from others.

3. Shaving or Trimming

You don’t have to epilate all the hairs you’ve got. You would still have to shave or trim some parts off so that you’d look super amazing.

Howbeit, it’s expedient to know that epilating hairs that are ¼” long are full of more fun than the taller ones. But how would you know if you don’t shave? Of course, that’s why you only need to epilate once or twice a month, depending on how fast your hairs grow.

So, while waiting to epilate, you can always trim and shave. This even makes the hair to be leveled and visible throughout. It even enhances the precision cutting of the hairs also.

4. Proven Techniques when Epilating

  • Set the epilator by assembling it first before you initiate its use.
  • You might need to read the manual and know how you can use it and its functions.
  • Once that’s done, you would need a brush and a mirror.
  • Brush the spot vigorously first so that the hairs can be erecting sparingly, but do those after you had washed and exfoliated the area.
  • Set the speed of the revolving motor.
  • While you hold the epilator with one hand, use the other side to pull the skin so that the pores can open up widely. Doing this would make the removal of hair easy and less painful.

5. Avoid Goosebumps

You need to be mindful of this, especially when epilating hair from the face; why? That’s because some skins are so sensitive. If your skin is like this, then always purchase an epilator that’s safe for allergic individuals.

However, if there are Goosebumps on your skin already, you’d need to avoid them so that you won’t injure yourself. Moreover, epilating on dry skin (the surface that the dabs of water have just been recently wiped off) can be so exciting and less hurtful.

Conversely, always ensure that the part you’re epilating is smooth. And, if your epilator has tweezers, then you need to be careful and ensure you shred the clog hairs off often so that it would be more effective.

6. Apply Pain Killer

Ask your dermatologist or makeup artist on the best pain killer you can always apply after epilating. Howbeit, you can use creams for it – recommended creams after all.

Although not all products with tweezers cause pains, however, you’re a bit safer with those that are without them. Nonetheless, those without tweezers are often used for epilating eyebrow. So, that’s why you need to check a product properly before using it.

But if the pain persists after the application of the pain killer, then you might need to consult with your doctor very fast. We’ll advise you, anyways, not to share your personal belongings with anyone. Also, always make sure you wash and sterilize it often so that it can remain free from germs and contraction.

7. Wait for a While

Do you know that pains tend to aggravate during menstruating period? So, it’s best you wait a while for the initial shock to douse.

Of course, you don’t have to be rushing when epilating. Instead, it would be best if you’re systematic and discreet with your approaches. You will be able to combat pains with this.

8. Repetition

Then, you can always repeat these steps as time goes on so that you can get used to it. Perhaps, in subsequent times, you won’t feel pains anymore.

Final Verdict

This is how to use epilator without pain anywhere. So, have you seen that you don’t need to be a genius before you do that correctly?

All you need is to imbibe the steps, and you’ll see that all would fall into places. Try it again and again until you’ve gained the mastery of it.