How To properly Use An Epilator

Ladies, let’s talk about body hair. If shaving just isn’t your thing and waxing is becoming a drag, it might be time to reconsider your hair removal options. Enter the epilator for women. This clever little device can be a real money saver (no more waxing!) in the long run and ...
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How to exfoliate your face

How to exfoliate your face : tips and guide  Using a quality face exfoliator will deliver a “smoother, radiant, and more plump complexion,” says board-certified dermatologist Suzanne Friedler, MD, of Advanced Dermatology P.C. in New York City. Exfoliating also allows active anti-aging ingredients (like retinol) to penetrate deeper into your skin. Over time, ...
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How to Use Epilator without Pain? 8 Tips

The cleaning of the body is paramount. It makes you feel refreshed and re-energized always. But, the part of the body that you’d want to focus on when cleaning is the uncovered part of the body. Indeed, that’s why you’d want to consider epilating strayed hair from the face and ...
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What Is An Epilator

What Is An Epilator? And How Often To Epilate?

An epilator is a handheld device usually powered by electricity, AAA batteries, or a rechargeable lithium battery, used to remove the hair on the body.  Using an epilator is an alternative to waxing because it removes your hair from its root. An epilator offers certain benefits, which makes it a ...
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an Epilator on Underarms

How to Use an Epilator on Underarms

If there’s a part of the body where people don’t like to have any strand of hair, it is the underarms. Both men and women do not like to have any hair on their underarms. First off, having a thick bunch of hairs in your underarms can be unsightly whenever ...
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an Epilator on Your Legs

How to Use an Epilator on Your Legs?

The leg is the most difficult part of the body to epilate because its hair is scattered all over it. Also, the hair on the leg grows very fast. So, many women find themselves shaving the hair on their legs more often than other areas. This article discusses the necessary ...
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